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I would like to share a funny story about myself. (Well I find it funny :P)

It came about from my less than perfect knowledge of the Arabic language. I used to be a teacher of EFL and taught grades 4, 5, 6. One day, in my grade 5 class I wanted to tell the girls to bring an English dictionary to school the next day. They didn't understand the word 'dictionary' so I thought i'd translate it for them just this once. Anyway dictionary in Arabic is 'gamoose', but I told the girls to bring a 'jamoose', mispronouncing the hard g as a j. The girls started giggling and giving me weird looks so I asked what was wrong. One girl said 'miss are you sure you want us to bring one?' when I said of course i'm sure, one little girl finally piped up 'but where are we supposed to find a moose?!'

Seems 'jamoose' means 'moose'! Anyway, I decided no more translations for me.:P

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Where does one get a moose in Saudi Arabia anyway :confused: :rolleyes: Lots of those in Canada though... Is this your new job Endless or your old job --- who are you teaching now?

In one on my volunteer gigs lately, I met this incredible woman who volunteers 6 days a week. Over the age of 80 no doubt, but smart as a tack and faster on her feet than I am. Anyway, we were waiting for a later event so we spent a few hours together chatting. She taught primary school until she was 70, and continues to volunteer in a kindergarden one morning a week. She told me the story of little girl in her class who told her that she was going to marry Johnny, so this lady asks her if Johnny has a good job so you can have a good life together, and the little girl replies <oh yes, Johnny is in charge of cleaning the blackboards every day :-)> Kids, you gotta love them!

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Children that age and younger are lovely. They say the cutest things and are so innocent. I wish I had children. I would have loved them so much. ;)

I am teaching adults now Symora at the new job. In the job I held before my last one I was a teacher.

It was a learning experience as you said, IrmaJean, and I consider myself lucky that I have had the opportunity to teach because working in schools has also been very educational for me. I'm particularly lucky as I never finished high school, let alone went to college. What learning I have I got from reading books.

Take care everyone.

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