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Coming off medication

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I have posted this in this forum as I believe the therapy I have received (cbt) has enabled me to attempt to come off my medication.

I have been on anti-depressants for 5 years now. Also in recent years I have been prescribed a low dose of an anti-psychotic (for resistant depression).

My psychiatrist and psychologist have differing views on this so I have made the decision myself that I am ready to come off medication. My GP has given me a schedule which if it works means I will be off the medication in about 10 weeks.

I am a realist however, so if it turns out that I need to be on medication long term I am not adverse to that, I just need to know if I can function without it.

My only reservation is that I am coming up to the menopause and am experiencing low moods in connection with that - but it only lasts a few days a month.

Has the menopause affected others here , mood wise, and how did you manage it.



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Hi Goose, I went off medication as well last winter, after 5-6 years as well. I was fine at first, although I was somewhat more anxious. I am pre-menopausal, periods have almost stopped. I experience lots of mood swings associated to hormones, as I always have, so for me it's just more of the same :rolleyes:...

I got busy at work, and I went through a rough patch of disagreement with my daughter because of her boyfriend, and I could not take the stress. My blood pressure went up (for the first time), I became very depressed again, trouble thinking, trouble sleeping, obsessive thinking. So after 7 months on went back on a low dose of medication and it has made a whole lot of difference.

To me it's all about stress. I think once I stop working I may try coming off again, but for the time being I cannot seem to tolerate stress, it sends me quickly over the edge. Have you worked your life to be relatively stress free in order to stop the medication? Do hormone fluctuations affect your moods normally or are you pretty well OK with that usually?

Some of the things that help are exercise, avoid caffeine, there are some progesterone creams that apparently take the edge off for some, managing your weight, and again minimize stress. I hope it works for you Goose :P

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Thank you both for your support.

Symora, I do agree that this is not an exact science - it is very dependant on all our stresses. I wish I wasn't so lazy - I really could do with some exercise. I don't drink coffee but I really love my cup of tea - maybe I could change to herbal tea.

From the Moon, that is a good suggestion, and I will keep it in mind if things get out of control.

Take care


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Hey goose,

Congratulations on your decision to come off the meds.:)

I did the same thing 1.5 years ago with meds I had been on for about 8 years. The dr did not want me to come off the meds, but I had decided for myself I was because I had begun feeling ill all the time.

I tapered off the meds as directed, but it was really a tough process. Many times I felt I should stay on the meds, but I persisted with getting off of them and now I am very happy that I did.

You might look in to herbals to help with your menopause issues; I don't use them myself but I have some friends that do and they work quite well for them.

Best of luck to you!:(


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