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Those of you who know me at least a little on the forum will also know that my life is rather 'uneventful'. It's making me really depressed and i thought i'd listen to some of my own advice that i gave to another member on another thread about coming out of depression.

My life is so very rubbish right now i need to shake it up and this is where i thought you guys could take part in an experiment with me...

So here is the theory, if we introduce a few routine breaking events into our life then life may just get a little bit more exciting and we may be slightly less depressed...

How to take part:

Post 3 'crazy activities' that might just shake up your life a bit (Got to be legal and fairly safe!), then lets say once we have at least 15 unique activities that will shake us up a bit, copy them down onto some bits of paper, shuffle em up and select 3 random ones (don't look just pick any 3). Then you have to try those 3 activities before the end of the year, after you've tried them we'll see if any of us actually feel any less depressed.

Guests can take part by just following on from step 2 (Since you can't post).

(Yeah i know this sounds really silly but there's a lot of us on here who need to get out of the house and do something with out lives, maybe it might give us an excuse to face our demons!!!)

Let's see what we come up with! :P

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Well, I've trying to shake things up in my life for a month or two and have been volunteering ... all sorts of things. I like it because I'm meeting new people, getting out and about a little more, and I only take on what I feel like doing.

So I've been a whipped cream maker at Strawberry Social at a lovely oldtime mill in a nearby village.

I'll be offering some assistance at a Fair Trade store that is run by volunteers and who sells handmade products from all over the world.

I want to start visiting the elderly in the next few months, just spend some time with them chatting cuz I still miss my grandma so much...

I also want to become a volunteer at a new Arts Centre nearby, I figure I would reconnect with the cultural scene a little.

Those are all things I enjoy, and I pace myself by doing just a few hours each weekend, but so far I'm really enjoying how it is resocializing me :D

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I've decided to make a list of 20 things to do before i die. They start easy and get harder, hopefully that should give me a logical reason in case i decide suicide might be an attractive option.

It's nice to see Symora that you volunteer, i do also a few times each week, great way to meet new people, keeps my social life from slipping into a void :)

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