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Hi Calla, I also appreciate that you pushed a little to make yourself heard. I did not understand either, and now understand so much more about your posts. Sorry it took me so long to really clue in :o

You work and seem to have a fairly normal life except for the socializaling - but that's a bit like me really... Tell me more about living with BDD and how long you have been dealing with this?

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I just watched the video and realized that an old work colegue of mine had the same condition only more extreme (she wouldn't even leave the house).

She worked from home and i was one of her few friends who she let see her,

during a conversation i remember her mentioning a book that she was reading which was helping her to get more confident with her body,

she mentioned it was called broken mirror or something, i think this is a link to the book...http://www.amazon.co.uk/Broken-Mirror-Understanding-Treating-Dysmorphic/dp/0195167198

She was on the road to recovery a few years later but i lost contact with her, the name just sticks in my mind. I hope someone will find the book helpful perhaps?

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Thank you. I will have a look. At the moment I am trying a CBT book but it doesn't seem quite right as it seems to be all about work and dealing with stress and people in that context. So maybe something like that will be more appropriate. I do appreciate that :)

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