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About That Maya Death Prediction Thing...


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Seems like every time I turn on the TV, some seer is yapping about the end of the world--or something--that's gonna happen on 21 December, 2012.

Me, I'm dubious about it. Yeah, it's kind of interesting, but I suspect there will be a LOT of red faces :(:o:o , not to mention remainder books dealing with the subject, beginning about dawn on 22 December, 2012. After, you know, nothing happens....as usual. :cool:

I might as well get a good laugh out of it, just like all the other predictions of the coming Armageddon on which we've been waiting for, uh, I believe about two millennia now?

But on the other hand...I admit I will be the teeniest bit disappointed when 21 December comes and goes and nothing changes.

Cause for me, the sooner the end, the better. This world is a MEGA disappointment.

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Seems like every time I turn on the TV, ...

I think I've spotted yer problem, right there. ;-)

And no, I doubt there will be any red faces; remember Y2K?

We spent a huge amount of money making sure that our electrical grid used 4-digit years. No one asked why our grid would depend on a date, in the first place.

I think it's interesting to say that the world is a disappointment. When did you have the chance to get your hopes up? In the womb? ;-)

This world isn't perfect, and I won't even try to argue the old philosophical question of whether it's the best of all possible worlds. It's just the one we got, so what I wonder is, what can we do with it?

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Hi anguish :(

This world can be a maga dissapointment, but only if you let it.

Yet it can also be kinda ok(ish) at times too. :)

And Hey its not 2012 yet, so I reckon, in the next couple of years you should just do what your heart tells you, and who knows by the time 2012 comes along it may not be so dissapointing after all :)

Take care

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How would you feel about drawing a calander with dates for the rest of eternity on it?

They had to stop somewhere, the calanders were intended for use by the Mayans, their belief was that the Mayans would continue to be around all these years later and that someone would draw more calanders out later on...

Of course the Mayans died out and the Mayans reputation for mystical tendancies got mixed with "why are there no more calanders..." and then you get a load of guys saying the Mayans had predicted the end of the world!

In theroy of course i could create a set of calanders for the years leading up to 4025 and then stop, come the year 4020 if they were well preserved people would wonder ("why are there no more calanders?") and you can see where that is going....

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Anguish and all,

There was a study done many years ago on the effects of television on viewers behavior. I do not remember who did the study, or where, etc. Sorry. However, I do remember the results and they were this: If people watch a lot of television they become afraid to leave the house because of the distorted picture that is given of the real world.

I agree with you, Anguish. Its enough to cope with our personal problems on a daily basis. Its enough to learn how to find equilibrium and life satisfaction on a personal basis.......Without having to worry about the end of the world.

Submitted with a smile,


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