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Finally plucked up the courage..


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Guest GingerSnap

Calla: I'll be willing you all the strength that I can spare on Wednesday and, let us know the time and we can all will you the strength to get there. You'll know that our spirits are with you and you can keep saying in truth "I am not alone."

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Calla .... Hi

Give therapy a try .... It took me 15 years to find a therapist that I like. But she is a god send. I too have to go through the state.

If you are not comfortable with your therapist after 4 visits ask to see another. If you are not comfortable then you will not be open. And if they are going to help you you have to be open and honest.

I too use to have what I think you are talking about 'anxiety" ? SOOOO hard to make appointments and see strangers..... had to make myself and I am glad I did.

Good luck JT

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Sorry.... things here are different.....

I saw Paul for 15 yrs.... he did not help me although I liked him as a friend ,,,, he kept telling me I was Great and I was always right.... not what I needed... I needed the truth....I kept going because that is what you are suppose to do. I actually helped him when his wife died ...... he needed someone to talk to so I listened....

I love my new therapist... she tells it like it is.....

But anyway... do not know where you are at.... but still think she should st least try to give it a try..... who knows....

hugs JT

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Where I go ( i n the US) they have about 6 therapist.... but I drive 45 minutes to another branch to see the one I like... But yes here it is mostly up to the patient... we can change when we like etc....

Popping Happy Pills????? I quit all pills about a year ago... they seemed to help some, but I think my issues deal more with what is going on in my world at the time.... If things are good all is well... IF things are BAD.... I do bad.....

I think having someone in my life that understands my bipolar and schizo and my alcoholism is the best medication I can get.... but here I can see her every day If I need to or once a month if I am doing well... I can also call or email her....

Guess I have it good..... Good luck to you... I wish you peace


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