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im bad with titles / explaning myself most of the time

summer is almost over and i havent done ANYTHING i wanted to do this sumer

i'v just been gameing and gameing and now im sick of it

i dont have any freinds to hang out with

Im 16 and hearing impaired i have to wear hearing aids to even really talk ok

I cant sign at all as my parents never bothered to teach me

im sick of tv too i cant enjoy most shows as my tv dont have cc and my mom wont get me a cable box with it and then complains when its loud

Moives Uhhggg SAme with tv

my mom been drinking alot

Me and my mom/step dad havnt been geting along i'v tryed to talk to her but no it just isnt working

im also lately been talking to myslef i'v been so lonely and it hurts

Im doing online school as i cant hear people at school and they havent been helping me as i need it but i may have to goto normal school and this stress's me out I cant do it i dont know how to talk to others and they think im wired all the time and even if im in the group of other kids with hearing porblems - i cant understqand them as i cant sign and all of them are deaf - i can hear a bit but i cant sign and nobody wants to help me learn i have a book but i have no nobody to use it with

for 2 years i'v been trying to lose wight and instaeed of loseing it i'v been gaining i eat and i might not eve know im eating till its gone and im like what gone? still hungry... ect..

Im dissapointed with my life and i just dont know what to do :confused:

i'v tryed to turn it around and suck it up and just do things but i cant

then then there are the things that are being inored like i'v been weting myself/bed wweting and have no contorl and i just dont know how to talk to my parents/ doctors about it I'v been thinking about geting diapers and leting them find one to start a convo...

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I think you explained yourself pretty well, team.

I'm sorry; it must suck pretty bad to feel so isolated.

Have you tried looking up social groups for the hearing impaired? Granted, many of them will be deaf and signing, but there have to be some people in the same intermediate functioning range as you are. Even just one person, to learn to sign with, would be a huge help to you.

And it's not easy being sixteen, either. Trust me, nobody gets along 100% with their parents, at that age. ;-) I didn't, and my son didn't.

Have you tried exercise? You can go for walks, or jog, instead of the video games. Not only would that help you lose weight, it gets you out into the fresh air.

In the context of depression, the phrase "suck it up" is just a load of hot air. The same goes for "man up", "just get over it", and a bunch of others. They generally come from people who don't understand.

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I am so mad right now - i know we arent going to get along all the time how ever my step dad and mom are esxpting ME to cook dinner - porkchops - 1 i dont trust myself to grill right at all as one time i did and i got sick - 2 im not going to cook for them when ther treating me like this - telling me ot move out - WERE FUCKING TO ? MY DAD LIVES 500 MILES AWAY AND WE BARELY GET ALONG,I HAVE NO FUCKING FREINDS My famlly is on my dads side and would Bitch at me anyway for not geting along,my mom was put for adoption so no famlly

Thats the thing i have been with a group near me and my own age They are ALL deaf

Right now im in my room and im crying

I do walk and ride my bike but i have no were to go - no trails near by and the streets are all roads/hills busy busy roads and i cant hear cars behind me / infront so i mostly go walking for 5 - 15 mins

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So im moveing out to my dads who lives in a town of 300

they dont have internet there

i tryed to talk with my mom and step dad

my mom was drunk off her ass and my step dad wont let me talk

my dad use to be a drunk but hes sober BUT for the most part insane...

i hate my life and i cant see a point in liveing anymore but i konw killing myself isnt the way..but i feel so hopeless i have no were else to turn

i dont like my dad and dont like my mom anymore or step dad

i want to runway but i have no idea were i would go

I was born a preemie by i think 3 -4 months was 12 inchs long and one pound

i have a weak imune sys and other things wrong

if i were to run away i would most likely get so sick

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear things are so rough for you. You have no choice in moving I guess? Is there no internet at all? Do you think it could work out to be a good thing moving?

Sorry too many questions! It just sounds like things are not good where you are.

I understand how horrible it is to be lonely. I feel the same. My situation is obviously different to yours but I am still incredibly lonely.

Is there anyone you can talk to? A doctor or family friend? I think its good you get outside even if for as bit. I think too much computer can definitely have an adverse effect on mental health...but thats just my opinion.

How long is left of your summer holidays? Is there anything you can do that you wanted to do this summer?

And obviously having health problems from being born premature is not good but it means you must be a fighter. To be born that early and survive.

I hope things are ok.

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