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Was it right? My Update.

Guy Out There

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Went to see my doctor again today, the first time after my assesment. I found out he arranged it and he reffered to it as 'an emergecy assesment'. The only time i've heard it called that is under the mental health act, my alarm bells were ringing.

He is very friendly and we were discussing whether it was wise for me to be starting a new job soon, suddenly the atmosphere changed. He read my notes...

"Jack, it appears you have been having hallucinations, you are aware that they are not real right?"

(Some of the things i see i know are not real but i experience other things that i know are real but are covered up so nobody else can find them..)

I was about to answer when he interrupted..

"As long as you realise they are not real we won't be needing to send you to hospital"

Suddenly i was triggered :mad: Oh God i can't even talk to my own doctor about my problems because he is all too keen to cart me of to the local mental hospital if he suspects i'm ill.

To make things worse if you read my other thread (dead, alive, dead, don't want to be alive again), you'll know about my therapist situation. The biggest problem with them was that it took them forever to send an appointment, then they would cancel the appointment at the last minuite and rearrange it, cancel it etc, i'm in need right now and don't have access to help, times are tough.

All i wanted was to get help, i never wanted all this, the experiments, the trauma, the torture. I didn't choose to have a mental illness, nobody does, it just happens. :P

Sorry for rambling on about myself so much recently but i'm just going through a time where i feel i need to be talking about my own problems (and fixing them) rather than just listening to other people's problems, if that makes me sound insensitive i apologise but it wasn't my intention..

Take Care and thanks for listening, Jack [Guy]

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Hey there.

Sorry things are so rough right now :P

I can't offer much advise but I hear you and I'm trying to send you some good vibes :(

(the best I can do haha)

We all have times where we can help others and then times when we are in need. You do more than your fair share of helping so it doesn't sound insensitive.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hello Guyoutthere,

I am sorry to hear that you are having such problems with your psychiatrist and therapist. It would have been great if you had told the psychiatrist exactly what you thought: "If you will hospitalize me just for hallucination, how can I trust you?"

Here in the US hallucinations are not enough to hospitalize. Everyone has a right to hallucinate. It is only a problem if the hallucinations turn deadly, as in being told to kill yourself or to kill or harm others. In the absence of any threat to self or others, there is no problem.

How about telling him what you think at the moment he says something like he said to you?


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Hi Allan,

Thanks for that post, i think now i will go and tell him exactly how i feel, it was my doctor who threatened to hospitalize me but as you said it is only if i am a risk to myself or others.

I do have some beliefs that others may classify as delusions, the reason is the evidence is very personal and you would have to 'be me' to fully understand and 'put 2 and 2 together etc'.

What i really want as well is a second opinion, schizphrenia is a diagnosis i am not happy with (during the assesment certain things were recorded incorrectly ...)

Doctor: Do you hear voices?

Me: Yes but they don't bother me, they don't tell me to kill myself or others and i know they are just in my head, they just offer advice which i mostly ignore because i know it is simply not true.

was recorded as:

"Jack hears voices that offer him advice and give him information"

Do you think i may be able to amend or correct some of the information from the assesment because i believe it was recorded incorrectly?

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Skynight, i haven't seen a therapist (the NHS is useless), the conversations were actually from my doctor. The last time i saw a therapist was almost 7 years ago and i had to wait ages then before i saw them.

I get the sense your frustrated with peoples responces to my post because your assuming i'm in therapy and taking it for granted etc, actually that is far from true.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Guy,

I like the idea of your getting another opinion from a different psychiatrist. If you do this, do not have your records forwarded to the new psychiatrist because that would prejudice him about the diagnosis.

I know, now, that it really is not easy to get appointments in the UK. So, if you cannot get another psychiatrist then you most certainly can and should speak to this one about your experiences. Actually, his paraphrase about your voices giving you advice is really OK. He is not exaggerating and he is not saying that the voices are dangerous.

Believe me, in my many years of work in mental health her in the U.S. I have seen people whose hallucinations are not dangerous and are even comforting.

Hallucinations and delusions become a problem under these circumstances:

1. The delusions are hallucination and delusions are dangerous: suicide or homicide. I have seen that.

2. Even if the hallucinations are not dangerous, they terrify the patient and the patient does not want them.

3. Delusions and hallucinations are so very pervasive that the patient cannot function at home, at work or anywhere in the outside world. I have seen all of this.

Medicine and psychotherapy definitely help.


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Thanks Allan, i will make sure i can get an independant opinion on my diagnosis (someone i don't know who doesn't have my notes).

The trouble is i guess i have two ongoing experiences that a therapist would class as halucinations but i believe only one of them to be not real (based on my own evidence). I don't think they are dangerous and while the latter (that i believe are real) actually cause me physical pain it is not a problem during work time.

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