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My breakdown shame


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I'm not sure if they are technically the same thing or not, but I definitely think they are, at the very least, similar. I have had several episodes of "major depression," usually landing in the hospital. Three of them played out in very public ways so, I totally understand what you mean about the shame and embarassment. I'm not sure I can offer you advice on how to "get over it" because, in many ways, I still live with it. I'm a total avoidant now. I know thats not the best advice, but its how I cope.

Who are these people you are worrying about? You say you don't know them well- are they people that you need recurring contact with? Is there a reason you should care what they think?

I am sure you have heard this before, but it is doubtful they "hate you" as you say. If anything, they are probably concerned or curious about what happened. Have you had any contact with any of them since? Has anyone said or done anything to let you know what they really think?

Again, I am asking the same questions I often get asked, but I certainly don't downplay your fears about this, because I haven't really found good answers to those questions. In my case, the public scenarios involved people I knew well and had to face again and again. It forced me to change my life because I couldn't face them. But, let me tell you, it has been far more miserable living a solo lifestyle, avoiding everyone and everything that could possibly upset or trigger me, so I definitely do not recommend it as a course of action!

I am sure others here will have better advice and suggestions for you. In the meantime, know that you are not alone in this, and I am here to listen!

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I have been diagnosed as having a major depressive episode. Which I gather is the same as a nervous breakdown.

The thing is this played out if front of people I actually don't even know very well. And now they hate me. How do I get over the shame and embarrassment of it? :confused:

Hi Calla,

Did you go to another doctor, or the previous one diagnosed you with this?

Hope you feel even a little bit better today!!! :o:)

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