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Being asked to log in

Guest nejiwhopper

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I think this is quite a common problem and I've heard a few suggestions people make. On is to click the "remember me" thing as you log in. The other is to write it in another format...eg. a word document and then copy and paste into here. I always write on here and then just before I hit post I just copy and paste with the mouse just in case.

Hope that helps :(

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The system logs you out if it doesn't hear from you in a certain amount of time. Typing text is something that happens locally on your own computer; the server doesn't get a message until you hit Submit. So if you spend long enough typing, it may decide that you've left and forgot to log out, so it logs out for you. This behavior is common with web servers, and actually improves your security. It also allows the server to use the connection to serve people who are currently active, and protects it from a malicious attack where a program just keeps opening connections and never closing them.

So, I agree that it's a nuisance, but any of the suggestions Calla gave you will help. It's absolutely not personal.

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