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Drs licence - Does it mean they can talk to you anyway they please ?


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OH Sue so sorry you are experiencing that. I have had that in my past to. And oh boy I would get so mad at the disprespect they gave me, I ended up in quite a bit of trouble. :rolleyes:

For some reason mental health professionals whether nurses, techs or Dr's, they are threatened by high functioning, intelligent, advocating patients.

So my suggestion, pull up your big girl panties, stand up straight and tall and give em hell!!!

You are in the right frame of mind to advocate for yourself so go ahead, tell them how you feel but be careful so that it won't turn against you... Be strong and fight to be respected just as they expect you to treat them and ask to see another more respectable Pdoc.

I talked about this a while ago but I had such a problem with this issue of as soon as they saw me and I was a "mental health" patient I would get treated like crap. So I saw that it bothered me tremendousely and it happened more then once, I put it in my Mental health advanced directive. Now they can read my thoughts, my wishes for treatment and how I expect to be treated and it is all legal, they have to.

Do you have such a directive available to you? It's like a living will for mental health...

Keep strong :)

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