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Heya everyone. I'm a newbie. My first post is still on new members board if you wana check it out!

Browsing this forum is like, finding my friends! Finally people that experience the same mind screw ups as me. It's quite reassuring. I no longer feel so alone!

I suspect I'm on my way up again! I had a very upbeat crazy evening, and even though I should be tired, I'm really not! Hope it stays quite mellow this time!

Anyway, feels like I know most of you already, but feel free to drop me a msg!

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Hi Misty,

I'm glad you have some awareness of where your moods are, at any given time. {I guessed you were "up" from the number of exclamation points per line of writing. ;-) }

I know it's more fun to be "up", but it's good to be careful of the impulses, too. Do you have any people around you who know what's going on, who can be with you and maybe watch your back, to keep you safe if you go too high?

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I'm glad you feel at home. :(

I want to second what Malign said: don't feed the high. Stay calm. Don't act on impulses. There's a 'rule of twos' for mania: when you get a new idea, wait for two days or ask two friends whether they think it's a good plan, before you do anything.

And SLEEP. Even if you can't sleep, stay in bed for the required number of hours and rest. The more activity and the more stimulation, the higher it goes, until you lose control. Slow down.

It's all part of bipolar management. It sucks, but it's necessary. And maybe we can be here for you too?

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Thanks guys. I shall heed your warnings and try to chill it out a bit!

Currently sitting here fidgeting like mad! Feel like I'm buzzing out my tree! Which is a nice change to sitting there all weepy. But I shall put it to good use and clean the kids rooms! Lol!

Started reading a good book the other day, really wanna read some more but I get to the bottom of a paragraph and just lose the plot! Might get the kids on the trampoline in a bit!

My husband is off work today and for the weekend, so hopefully he can keep me in check. I have no friends to run things past. Just him! Quite fancy a drink and a dance!

Sorry to hear that you are down Linda! Best of luck you don't sink too far!

Flipping dancing to the music on the adverts now! Time for a bit of Pink I think! Rock it out!

God how many trails of thought in this post!?! fingers are so fidgety it's taken me ages to actually type coz i keep deleting mistakes! Not sure any of this makes sense! Can't actually read it back properly...feel drunk! I'm not....it's only 11.47 am!

Had very nasty dreams once I managed to get to sleep, kidnap and rape! Lovely!

Right I'm off soz this a ramble! XXXX

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I'm thinking you might be bipolar? :(

That energy is wonderful, yup, clean, tidy, organise, jump on trampolines, sing, dance - all good. :) Try not to buy stuff, everything just seems like a such a good idea and you really need it and ... and ...

What do you think of the idea of seeing your doctor now? It's very helpful if the psychiatrist can see you in this state and your doctor might be able to get you an earlier appointment if he thinks it's warranted. Go there and be your exuberant self and tell him how you feel. This state can spin out of control (as I'm sure you know.)

Oh, and have a look at this thread if you want a laugh. :)

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Hi Misty I know all to well what you are talking about. And I can tell how I feel by the way I type... I reverse letters, I dont have the coordination with the keys etc. And yes I wake up hysterical from dreams myslef. Usually its me killing a littel girl, hmmm I think that ones and obvious dream analysist.

Hang in there... :(

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