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So worried


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Hi Smallstar,

I guess I'm not understand to well. Do you mean that everything is fine now, but you are afraid of what is Going to happen?

If that is what you mean, then I believe you have to stop worrying and ration with yourself -- things have happened before and they pass and I'm alright now and will be alright again.

Life (my life) has been full of disappointments (bad things happening). But they do pass. Somehow we over come them and go on to the next incident. We can't sit and wait for something else to happen. That is too much anxiety. That makes anyone crazy, as you say. Just enjoy the present, if it is good.

Sometimes, I have what I call BLANK days, where nothing is happening. Whatever, it will pass.

Are you on any medication for anxiety? Have you talked with someone? I see for the number of your posts that you have been around a good while. So I know that you know, if it gets too bad that you should at least talk with our therapist or someone about it.

There are ways to calm your anxiety and fears too. search for places to calm anxiety and fears on the internet.

I must tell you to enjoy the good things.

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Oh, smallstar, I'm so sorry to hear this. :( That is a horrible feeling to walk around with all the time. I've had bouts of this and it's awful. :(

I want to suggest something that helps me ...?

I have to fill up my head with other stuff and crowd out the anxiety. Do something, it doesn't matter what exactly. Do something that occupies my mind and isn't passive. For the time that I am as engrossed as I can be in what I'm busy with, the worry has to butt out because there's no attention left over for it.

People often say to do something relaxing or meditate or do relaxation exercises and it's wonderful if you can do that. But when I'm in that much anxiety, it doesn't work for me. As soon as my mind isn't occupied, it goes straight to worry. I can only really relax and find some relief when I'm occupied.

In a way, worry is energy, nervous energy. It's not like the no-energy of depression. I take it and try to use it up. This way, I can put my head down and focus on taking one step and not worry so much about all the rest or about the future. Get through this anxiety and as musemuse says, it passes. I can't tackle the future, it's too much, I can't even tackle next week. All I can do something about is today. It's sounds so cliched, I know, but it's the one thing that gets me though those times, day by day.

When I think about the future, I get into a very anxious space, all I see is more and worse of the same. I have to focus on the next task to get through this anxiety. For me, the devil finds worries for the idle mind.

What do you think of this?

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Hi Star, like Luna I know the feeling and I wish you were feeling better. I do know you have been through so much lately and your old coping skills might have helped this feeling in the past, and you know now they were not good and healthy coping skills.

So besides maybe meds the pdoc can prescribe for anxiety besides what you take now, I think as Luna says you need to find what will work for you. Healthy Coping skills vary for so many of us and sometimes then they still don't work but something will eventually help...

Working is a great thing, I know you have hobbies and I think you mentioned before about going out and then being with your old friends who are not the best influence for you. Have you been able to find some different support from others?

That anxious feeling is so hard and doing anything when it is full blown accomplishes nothing. So when it eases up a little, sit down and write some goals, some things that will relax you, occupy yourself or even having a good safe place to go outside of your house might help. But do it ahead of time so when this happens again you have something to go by.

I hope you feel better :(

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Hey Star you say it is like fear. Almost panic like? I wish I had an answer for you but I'm kinda in the same boat. I'm either sleeping or panicking, neither good....

It is times like this when we need professionals, either on the forum to help us along or to go to a group who can help. Are you still doing your IOP? Do you have any contacts from the IOP you can reach out to? Have you called your pdoc or therapist? If you are done with IOP can you get into another session to continue. That constant support can help tremendousely.

Hope you feel better today :D

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oh I understand star, I the strong willed, opinionated, have been there and done that.

Unfortunatley I think you need the support of a better IOP program. And one that will listen to why you were having a hard time participating. I know IOP's can be grueling but you need an extension of professional help from just leaving the program you were in and spent alot of time and effort to recover.

So there needs to be some sort of follow through, follow up of help and support for you so you dont flounder around and when something like this comes up for you, you have the help right there.

So, can you at least look into another program somewhere else? Please :D

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I know and work is important for you now. I HATED anything related to groups, when I was in the hospital I was the patient from hell the first few years because I was so stubborn. But eventually though I did find a place in my head that allowed me to take the first step in just listening to others. So maybe is was the type of people who were there, maybe I was finally ready because suicide certainly wasnt working and now I cant believe how much I have subconsiousely learned from all of the groups and then challenging the therapists was my next best way of taking and keeping control of "ME".

I tried DBSA, NAMI and hated the particular groups and before I went to explore another DBSA or NAMI group elsewhere I found the womens support group. And I love it... I actually look forward to it every Wednesdays.

I guess my point is Star dont give up, you can find all the excuses in the world as I used to do but keep your intentions positive and maybe a support group rather then a therapy group will work for you. If you truely dont want to go back to the way things used to be, then keep searching for support. Support you can give others and support you can get from others.

To find a group in your area contact Barbara White @barbarawhite@saintclares.org

tell her Linda from the womens trauma group in Freehold sent you. She is wonderful and will help you find any type of group you want in your area. Give it a try Star you never know???


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