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A quick search of the "Blog" section of our site (the professionals' blogs) turned up several references. I brought you the two that seemed most relevant to me:

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) {from 2005}

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation device for treatment-resistant Major Depression just approved by the FDA

{from 2008, Dr. Dombeck's announcement of the approval}

But you can get more; all I did was paste the two words "Transcranial Magnetic" into the Search box on the highest part of the page on the right, under the "Mental Help" logo. There were a number of other listings, if you were interested.

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Hi mark,

yes I know I have done the reading on it. It seems the only machine in the states that is approved by the FDA is the Neuro Star machine,. And, insurance only covers it for depression. It is 4-6 wks of daily 45 minute sessions and supposidly no side effects except possible headache as it is a noiasy as an MRI machine.

But then there is maintenance, usually with drugs. Not good for me though... and they say they could use the TMS as maintenance.

So essentially it is a non evasive attempt to mimic the reactions as drugs do and unlike ECT, there is no seizure or side effects like memory loss. So they say, anyway. Knowing me, I would probably get something stupisd as a side effect and dont think I want to pay out of pocket for that... Or it could be my miracle cure!!!


Yes Luna it is expensive especially if like us we have the Bipolar diagnosis and it is not covered under insurance. They can use it for bipolar patients but I guess it is more difficult to treat using this method.

I guess I was asking if anyone or someone they knew actually did have this type of therapy done.

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