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Blog or Thread?


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Well, in principle, they're not much different. Slight difference in how they're used.

A forum thread is more public. Although there's always someone who starts a thread, threads can sometimes evolve in, well, call them 'mystical' ways ...

Your blog is yours. You can allow or shut down comments, for instance; something that only moderators can do on public threads. You can also configure your blog to be viewable only by your friends, or only by you (and moderators).

For me, I use my blog as my personal record of time passing. Mine's open for comment, but it's about my life. I use forum posts, either starting or adding to a thread, when I feel that there's something to ask the whole forum, or something to say that everyone might benefit from.

Some terminology:

A thread is a sequence of posts on (or close to) a given topic, which ideally is the title. The original poster, sometimes referred to as OP, has a certain precedence within the thread they started (it's usually a question they asked), but it can happen that a thread can wander quite far from its beginnings (and this can be both good and bad.) Ideally, the threads are grouped into forums, based on topic, so that people can choose to seek out or avoid certain topics, if they wish. This really depends mostly on the original poster starting the thread in the appropriate forum, though we moderators can move things around if needed.

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