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Lost Another Post. : (


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Just when I thought my day was starting to go better I write another Post Titled "Good, Bad, & Why". What happens? Of course I must of took to long AGAIN to write it & it's gone?

That continues to big my Biggest Frustration on this Site. I know many of you have responded to help about this. But as soon as I finish Writing I hit Submit & then it says Please Sign in; I do & its Gone. Blank Page & all.

I just feel after this much time on this site & Posting I should'nt have to worry if I took to long to write & hit whatever keys other than Submit for it to post???????????????

Sorry ALL im just frustrated again about wasting my time & losing another post.

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I often get logged out of this site and others when composing posts. I long ago learned to cut a copy of the post to my clipboard before I preview or submit the message. That way, if I've timed out during the writing process, I can simply log back in and paste my copy in place.

It takes a while before the above practice becomes a habit but once it does, you'll never again have to go through the frustration of losing a post.

One possible risk you should be aware of however...

If you are sharing private and personal information here you will want to ensure that you copy over your post with something else before you walk away from your computer. If you don't, the next person to use the system could use the paste feature and come across your words that way.

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Waiting Thanx for your concern; yes it is frustrating.

Spiritual Thank You for your suggestion'.

Linda; I have no Internet problems, but Thank You.

Guy Out There; If you read this I believe it was you who suggested something about hitting certain CTRL Keys, But I cant remember?

Thanx again everyone

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