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Well I have to get this out of my system because i buried myself into a hole and now going a little /a lot stir crazy. I had abused alcohal with the anti psychotics and clonidine, so o ut of them. Too early to prescribe more of them. So for two days have not sept, hardly a wink. Naturally I tried using Kloidine to help so out of that med too. I am S.O.L

LeARNING THE HArd way how to abuse myself besides the re, every year severely harming.

Terrific , now get addicted to drinking and prescription drugs. I feel like such a failure. I am tired , grouchy , and out of coffee. Could life get any better :)

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Hi mscat, Hang in there and please understand I totally understand how you feel. I too have in the past done what you have done with prescription meds and drinking and I think it is some odd way of trying to cope. It's like we have run out of ways to feel better so feeling bad is just as good? Does that make sense?

Please you are not a failure but I see strength instead because you are here on the forum and you are aware of what is going on and I hope you can find some relief that will be beneficial to you.

It might take a little while to feel better until the meds get out of your system and I totally understand that after my last overdose of high blood pressure meds, boy did that screw me up but here I am another day and another day of not feeling the need to overdose and drink. How about you? :)

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