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Craigslist & Job Hunting?


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Not sure where to post this, so i will try here.

I was told Craigslist is a Good Place to Post your Resume for Potential Employers Searching for Potential Employees.

I am now on their Account & have my Resume that I would like to post (in my Documents file)

Question since I am Computer Illiterate Still. Does anyone now how I would do this Correctly & Safely.

And Has anyone hear used this method or know of anyone that has? I think this is a good idea, since I am having no luck getting work.

I think if I am able to post my Resume & Employers are Viewing it; I have a better chance.

Of course this is second time I posted this here. First time after hitting Ctrl C & then V & then Preview. Screen went blank again.

So now i have tried to change my control bar settings, to simplier format. I will see if that helps. My twin Son may be coming to help me figure out not only how to post resume on craigslist but also figure out how I can post here without losing it.

Sometimes I just Physically need to be shown. So hear goes; see if this Post?

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Hiya vette,

I'm a general contractor, a carpenter and an electrician and have gotten every one of my jobs over the past 7 years off of craigslist, when I was an apprentice carpenter I posted my resume and received a callback immediately. I've done this twice since then with similar results, the rest of the time I've inquired about jobs posted by employers and was hired that way. I've received 2 long term positions and probably 100 contract jobs this way.

To be safe, remove your address, phone number, and social security number from your resume, otherwise you'll get weird people calling you at best and stealing your identity at worst. Put your email address at the top, I've created one on gmail specifically for the purpose of procuring jobs, and then just post your resume. Make sure that the first 5-10 lines on the resume list your major qualifications, your experience strengths and your expected wage rate, this will win you a lot of jobs because the convenience of not having to sift through your resume to extract that info will win you points with the employer, they'd be likely just to skim the rest anyway.

Let me know if you need any further advice or assistance.

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Thank You;

Linda; I have not tried Careerbuilder yet. I will check it out.

Mjolnir; Wow that was very Specific & Helpful. I could not have hoped for better News & Info. That alone gives me some type of hope.

Now I just have to start believing in myself again & follow through on daily issues.

To both of you Thank You SO MUCH. It is Truly Appreciated.

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Hey Corvette,

I have my resume posted on Careerbuilder.com. They are very good with what ever you need. You can even post your resume and have some one check it over to make sure it is okay. Then they send you email postings when a posted job meets your specifications. I have never tried Craiglist, but I haven't had to bad of luck with Careerbuilder. Unfortunately my career field is not hiring much right now, so I am not having luck anyway. But good luck to you!!

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