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Things I have learned from this site


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1. Never give up

2. I am normal

3. 'Walking on Eggshells' in daily conversations to people is not normal and is not something I cause

4. It is ok to hurt and to make mistakes

5. That true friends will accept you for who you are flaws, goofy moods and all :D

6. People that have experienced deep pains are some of the kindest and most open minded people you will meet.

7. Baby Steps

8. The boulder that keeps us down and hurting is all about perspective and the key to changing perspective lies in support and self learning

9. Talking dogs can get you to buy anything

10. It is ok to talk about my pains and to be who I am, but it is also good to balance it with positive experiences.

11. The perceptions of society are not always just or right.

12. Many of the emotional problems we think makes us freaks or wrong is problems many of us share in some way but never talk about.

13. Mean people need an island to themselves to make each other as miserable as they make us lol.

14. Two wrongs might not make a right, but two rights make a left.

[Feel free to add on] :)

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You pulled out a bunch of good ones, especially "Never give up" and "Friends accept flaws". Here's one of mine, at least:

15. It's amazing how much you get when you give.

I'm sure I have more ...

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