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:confused:I have noticed some posts on here about not being motivated enough to do house work. Is this the literal house work or the "self house work"?

If it is the literal type, I feel like a loner. My aunt whom had temporary custody of me for a while, would and still does always be cleaning house.

I think I learned alot of that from her. We all knew when she was "ticked" about something because it was time to rearrange the furniture. Even if she just did it the day before!

Even on my really bad days, I feel I NEED to clean the house.

I think I learned alot of this from my aunt.

Another one of my aunts and my very best friend simply disgust me with their house keeping. It is just gross to even think about!

If it is referring to the "self house work", I need all the help I can get!!!!!!!!!

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That a good question. Over the years when I had one of my bad day I would actually let go of housework to the point I didn't know where to start.

And then over the past year I kind of became a germaphobic and suddenly didn't like a mess making sure everything is cleaned from top to bottom disinfecting,scouring.

I found that housecleaning actually makes me feel better

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Since this week hasn't been positive for me. I turned around and swept the floor did all the dishes,mopped the floor,vacuumed the rug,disinfected the bathroom.

In the past I use to be the opposite very messy house which made me feel even worse. so now I might as well take my frustration out on housework.

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Thankfully, my husband does the actual housework now, since I hate it with a passion. But, when I was in school and overworked and stressed out and miserable, I was close to obsessive about keeping the place clean. It felt like the only thing I had control over. I'm still militant about keeping the house organized and not letting clutter creep in...

But as to the "self house work" -- that's a lot harder. :eek:

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Their is always something to clean up in my place. Not that i am a slob or anything , it is just hard for me to keep up with it. I really have this thing about dishes. I won't allow them to just stay in the sink for long. A lot of times it is after doing the laundry , somehow I do not put clothes away as soon as I am done. BUt, eventually it is put away. My son has picked up on the cleaning and helps. Helps without even being asked to. He always has a spotless bedroom. That is really good for a teenager. So I guess this place is not too filthy after all. When i get down or depressed the last thing i want to have to deal with is housework..

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