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I have got to the point that I am now just reading the posts or threads. No. 1 why should I not be able to express the way I or anybody else feel free to say how some of us felt what was being said on some forums. Nobody can understand that some things can hurt people and make them feel that what is going on in our lives or me I particulary care on what was being said. As far as the moderators they also have to consider that there are members like me that did get upset on what & how it was being said. I particulary don't care on how I had to do what I wanted to do or say on how I felt. You have no idea what has happened in my life and to complain that the moderators are in the wrong, then you are being selfish everybody does not own a thread it is everybodys to talk about what is going on and if they need guidance or help who is to say that their not as important as the next person or the person before them. I am on here because I now feel for once in my life that I'm not alone. You don't have the right to take one thing that I have away. I have enjoyed helping people and I have been helped. What has happened to me today I haven't even been able to talk about for reprecussions on a forum that got way out of control.

As far as banning I don't think Al was alone in making this decision. It was a no. of members and if you want to blame one of them was me! So if the shoe fits oh well we all have to live and on here alot of members including me have been through just as much hell as whoever. I don't even know how to talk on here because maybe I might not be as important but, I was in a serious car accident Sat. nite but I can't even say why or what happened or who was hurt because of the crap that has been going on here. Pretty sad.

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