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Who would have guessed that being in a relationship is easy:rolleyes:.

On the plus side at least this isn't a abusive or mental relationship. I find men are like children always teaching them or tell them what to do:rolleyes:

But on the plus side...........They are teachable:D and willing to learn. I have never been in a relationship where is does feel equal and communication is good.

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Hi soaring eagle :)

I guess that being in a relationship has its easy and harder times ............ :)

Whats wrong, are you okay ?

Take care

Thanks for asking but I'm beginning to notice that he is controlling me more and more. Like the other day he yelled at me that was the first time he done this its not that I'm scared but being yelled at only wants me to beat the crap out of him since the only relationship I've known was alot of physical fighting.

No guy was able to control only my children because they are worht it.

And yesterday he informed me that he wants my children to respect him or else in two week out relationship is over. So I got thinking about him and realizing that he has very low self esteem and thinking he can control me would make himself feel better.

So i'm the type either I can takes this relationship or not because there is plenty of fish in the sea.:cool:and there are plenty of guys out there

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Hi soaring eagle :)

Thats scarey when someone starts to have control over you. I know only too well. ;)

Its daunting when someone yells at you, especially when its yer partner, someone that should care, but ultimately cant be bothered too. :D

I can see why you would want to beat the crap out of him, "Fight or Flee" I think thats what my therapist called it. With me I usually flee, when faced with confrontation, even though inside I want to fight.

Well anyone that can give ultimatums, concerning either you or your children, just arent worth it. You and your children are worth everything, and so is your happiness :)

Is there anyone that can help you near by - if you need it ?

Yes hun, there is plenty more fish in the sea, and also plenty of guys.

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