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One week down and feeling quite good


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I wanted to post so those that read my intro post wouldn't think I'd given up already or anything. :(

For now I'm focusing on my short term goals. I've ordered a scale on Amazon (they're so cheap and they sound like they actually work well these days), so soon I'll be able to track my weight. (In my mind I have about a 40 pound possibility range, so I'm looking forward to knowing what it is)

I've taken a walk every day this week, waking up and doing it in the morning most days. I'm surprised that already my legs are getting used to it. Not sure what it is but when I last tried this years ago my legs were so messed up after 3 days that I stopped walking. I wasn't anywhere near as dedicated then.

The two things that are different about my behavior now is I drink a lot more water (had a kidney stone a while back), I've sworn off soda and such. Also, this time I am dieting along side the exercise.

So for whatever reason my legs feel fine and I'm thinking about how best to scale up my work out slightly.

I'm eating about 1500 calories a day, and for whatever reason I'm rarely hungry. According to internet calorie calculators I would have had to eaten 3700 calories a day previously to maintain my weight.

I think it helps that I'm usually really focused on my writing. I've written about 10,000 words this week, and what of it that I shared on the internet has been highly praised by complete strangers, so I'm happy about that.

I also got the idea that I will take a picture of myself every week for however long the physical transition takes. I am looking forward to seeing the changes.

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Two weeks down and still going at it. I've got my scale and I have my work cut out for me. I'm able to work out a little more just about every day, my muscles are waking up and flexing much better, and for the first time in about 10 years I can make out the little scar on my chin (I never even knew my fat was smoothing it out). That in particular was very surprising. I don't mind the scar at all, it'll definitely add some character.

I've evened out my diet to about 2000 calories a day, based on comments from high weight losers on the net and a personal friend who lost 130 pounds in one and a half years.

Also making progress in other areas and doing more writing that's going up to the internet.

So it's been quite smooth, no real road blocks at all yet. If nothing else happens I'll next try to remember to report in here when it's been a month since my original post.

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  • 3 weeks later...

So I've decided to check in about 3 days early. I put my 'one month' update here on my to do list and I've decided to handle this now, because I have the time and I feel like doing it.

Overall it's been a good few weeks since my last update. So far I've lost almost 20 pounds since getting my scale a few weeks ago. Some days I lose only a fraction of a pound and that can go on for a series of days, then suddenly I will lose over 2 pounds in the course of 24-hours, and that is with constant hydration. Those times are really inspiring.

My workouts have been extended and sped up over time. I can go a lot further and maintain a good pace of 3+ mph without getting too worn out and then go out and do it again the next day. Often times after such a workout I actually feel really good when I'm done, physically. I'm tired but my body actually feels good. I am able to walk further and faster than any time in my life.

I've definitely noticed an upsurge in energy and I think I'm starting to notice some changes physically. I've started measuring myself with tape measure too to insure I'm losing fat, not muscle, and since starting that about a week ago I've lost an inch off my waist and half an inch around my neck.

My diet is going well, although I'm still not really sure what amount of calories is really optimal for me. I keep it within the 1900-2600 range, usually more around 2000. My carbs are much lower (about 200g), my fats are really low (30g at most, not sure if I should have more), and my protein is staying pretty high (about 70g a day at least). Sometimes I feel good when I'm hungry and sometimes I don't. It's a hard thing to tell but I'm listening to my body as well as my calorie counting.

There's been times where I felt emotionally very good and times where I felt emotionally very bad, but I've gotten better at keeping track of those feelings and their causes too. Usually my worst down times are because of loneliness and the best highs are when I have a good internet conversation or someone praises my writing online. I also enjoy it when people on the street are friendly, just little gestures, hellos, waves and such. The majority of the people I pass on my route are this way and they're all so different so it's very nice. I'm still struggling with my real life friends because unfortunately they're all a lot like me, or at least my former self. They're still in their shells and unwilling to really venture out much.

I've gotten my driver's permit and I'm practicing now. It's actually really scary for me but I may see if I can get lessons from a driving school for adults.

I've been practicing my speech, neck stretches, and diaphragm exercises. My goal is a slightly deeper, richer voice and less mumbling. I don't have a high pitched voice, but I'd enjoy something that was a little more impressive. In this way I have been pleasantly surprised. When speaking I hear the difference with my own ears. It isn't too dramatic but it's definitely better.

From a link on this forum I've also been following some penis stretching exercises, I've been doing it real lightly because I definitely don't want to injure myself. Surprisingly I've measured myself at around 6 inches erect lately, which I think is actually above average (at least based on the resources on the net). I always thought this stuff was a scam but I know for a fact I never was able to measure myself at 6 inches before. I measured myself several times to be sure. Maybe it just increases blood flow but for now I will keep it up and note if it increases further. My flaccid length has also improved noticeably and I'm feeling better about myself down there. I guess it's also possible that my working out in reducing fat around my genitalia and increasing blood flow.

I still absolutely know I will get in shape, it seems to be one of the few things I hold with absolute certainty in my mind. I plan on getting my driver's license by the end of the year, but that is so scary to me I have to force myself to practice when I have the opportunity. I know I'll feel a lot better about going out and doing real socialization when I'm more fit, but I plan on doing as much small things as possible, maybe go to a rock concert with a friend... I'm still writing and as I said before I've gotten some very inspiring praise. Some of my pieces have dozens of people lavishly laying superlatives upon me, nothing feels better.

Anyways it is interesting to me that the changes all came with absolute clarity into my mind, and that I know I will achieve them so strongly. It was just a matter of deciding I wanted things unlike how I'd ever wanted anything before.

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So I might as well update this community as to my personal progress. Probably a little less verbose than in the past...

So far I've lost almost 50 pounds. >4+ inches lost along the waist and buttocks. Going down a size in pants/shorts and I've tried a 2XL shirt and it fit (although not flatteringly). I can notice the difference in comparison photos easily.

I've had some ups and downs with the workouts, sustained minor physical problems that would require me to take an extra day or week off...

Spent some time out with my friend, made several new friends including a girl (who I'm still talking to after several weeks). It's not as hard as I might have been telling myself.

I've also made very close friends with more people online, including some girls which I've video chatted with. Although I have a tendency to make poor decisions here, I'm learning from my mistakes as I go. I feel better about making mistakes talking to girls online than in person...

Other small details but so far so good. That's all I can really think to say so far.

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