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Tricked my Doc!


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Are you suicidal, Ramona?

I find it interesting that you seem happy about this "victory" ... when there are all sorts of ways to kill oneself, everywhere, all the time. Why is this the way for you?

I spent months fantasizing about ways, myself. Not "thinking up ways"; ways are there all the time. For me, it was the thought that counted. It was my way of telling myself that the situation was intolerable, that I would rather die. But, really, what I would rather do was fix the situation. I just didn't know how (or I was hiding the solutions from myself, for various reasons.) Once things started to change, the fantasies disappeared.

What makes you so sure there aren't solutions for you, too?

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Hi Ramona

Oh gosh, the "victory" over the Dr versus patient, that takes me back to a couple of years ago - I remember feeling somewhat pleased with myself when I thought I had tricked the p/doc. :(

With me the "victory" didnt last long, and got me into a whole different heap of trouble :(

Is there maybe a different option you could consider right now ?

I'm sorry that you are hurting so intensely that you are considering an OD :o

Take care

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