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I'm having a bad.......

soaring eagle

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Oh god i'm having one of those moments right now and it's no good. Everythiing that I cherished is gone. Oh god it's real bad I feel like taking some pills and fall asleep and not wake up.

Haven't been like this since last year when my landlord raped me and I had no memory of that night. I feel so hopeless. This is real bad.:(

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I'm sorry you are so upset, Eagle. :( If you feel unsafe please call for help.

Would it help to talk more about this?

I'm getting tired of being slammed with one problem after another it never stops just keeps going on and on. god I don't do anything it just always happen. never ends. I don't bother people jsut keep to myself and yet always slammed.

Sick of it gets to the point I want it to end.

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I'm sorry you are feeling so bad. Please do get help if you aren't safe. Can you tell us what happened that is making you feel this way? Would talking it out help? Sending good thoughts your way...:(

It's getting worse i just freaked on my kid and I never do anything to them. fuck it's getting worse and now I'm looking at some pills debating wether or not I should try.

One problem after another helping people listening to their problems,my eldest son sometimes acts like a total jackass putting me through pure hell last yr and he acted up last night. cowdarly ex is a jackass i want this to end. so fed up with it.

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I'm setting myself up to see a councellor tomorrow and go from there. It seems that my moments are getting harder and harder and I have to do something about it. I am trying to keep myself busy and start doing some school work so I can be mentally tired.

So I phoned up my son and told him to quit texting me at 3am and especially not telling me what kind of emergency he is in which in turn doesn't help me lack of sleep and stressed is not a good combination.

I'm slowly starting to realize when it comes to the ex I have to face the fact that me and him split up and start accepting and slowly trying to move on.

I thinking seeing a therapist will do wonders for me and maybe I won't focus to much on how stressed out I am but learn stress management. In order to cope realities of my life.

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