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About to submit to temptation !POSSIBLE TRIGGER!


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I was hoping that I'd never need to post in this section, but I guess I have no other choice. For those of you who don't know me, please take a look at my thread under "Sexuality Issues." I warn you, though, it can be triggering.

Last night, I made a VERY BIG mistake. I decided to allow myself to use legal non-pornographic images of children. Now, I'm on a bit of a binge. I've downloaded a bunch of LEGAL nude photos. I don't know what to do. I'm feeling like I'm being pulled toward CP. I think I may just totally give into temptation within the next few days. Call me a bad person for it. I've received no tips on controlling my addictions! I've pretty much been fighting my body for nine weeks now! I can't take anymore! Someone, anyone, please talk me out of this before it's too late...

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MM, Im not reading your post here coz Im still triggered.(just incase) However I have replied on your thread - hope it helps a little.

If you just need someone to talk to - but not about CP, as a form of distraction - then Im around for a while.

take care

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Sue, this post is no more triggering than the one you responded to in my other thread. Still, I don't want to possibly worsen any trigger, and I think it's best for your own safety that you don't try and help me right now. If no one else is on to talk soon, I'll take your advice and simply get away from the computer.

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