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Obsessed with death


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Well, I certainly went through a phase where I was conscious of the many possibilities ... On the bright side, you could look at it as an intellectual exercise. If you're busy thinking of ways instead of using the first one that comes to mind, that seems to say something to me about which is the priority.

On the other hand, it's certainly a step closer. Is it possible to let anyone around you know where your mind is going?

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ya, don't try it. when i attempted suicide two months ago after my mom became more abusive and degrading to me, it wasn't fun.

not only is killing yourself not fun, it's damn HARD. If you mess up and live, well, you could turn out messed up. I know of one guy who shot his face open and lived... the picture (which i saw online) wasn't pretty (the picture had the story with it).

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