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How do you change your username?


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Guest ASchwartz

I just wanted to say, in a very supportive way, that I do not believe nor do I feel in any way, that any of you "talk too much here." Please do not misinterpret. It's OK with me to change usernames. We need, all of us, to be supportive of one another. So, I hope all of you continue to be here, regardless of username.


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"Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her."

that's nice, Proverbs31:27. And a lot more hopeful than your previous name.

But that name is too much of a mouthful to use on a casual basis. We need a nickname. I suggest "blessed".

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OH MARK!~!!!

I have decided on the new name of JustTrying .. if it is available....

I normally use Gabby or some form of that in everything I do on the internet... But I do not want to hold back on posting because of what a neighbor or a family member may see.... SOME people just would not understand... know what I mean!!

Password will be the same right???

Thanks... ME

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Thanks!! It is probiably silly.. but I feel better.... I did a search on a name I use often and some of my posts from one site showed up... Not a real big deal just talking about drinking.. but I wonder do all sites you post on eventually show up when someone searches your username?

It was just one site and I post on many using the same name but maybe their Program is not set up for privacy....

JT ... hey I like that!!!

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I would like to request that if people change their usernames, that the previous user name is listed in their profiles. It is disconcerting & confusing for me to see posts under a strange username & see that they have over 100 posts on this board and I have never heard of them before.



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Catmom, I certainly understand how that could be confusing! As one of the ones who changed names, and has over 100 posts, I would offer that each of us who change our names add a line in our signature for 30-60 days after the name change to help people associate the name. I wonder if that would help? I will go add a line to mine now. :D

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