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I guess everything. The sex life, the same conversations, the same daily routines. I mean, you wouldn't be able to hang out with even your best friend every day, right? Sooner or later you'd get sick of the person and need some privacy or alone time. Now if your wife/fiance/girlfriend is supposed to be your best friend as well, wouldn't the same apply? Again, maybe I'm just abnormal.

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Your not adnormal - but if you are in a relationship where you feel bored - why not spice things up a little.

Make small changes in your normal routine. Go on nights/days out with your friends seperately give each other a little space - It will give you both something different to discuss.

Add some romance to your lifes - partners love that. Secretely I think we all do - just half the time wave it off as nothing important - but it is. It makes the person feel good. If your partner feels good, then you will. And all too often we tend to forget to apprieciate the people we love most in our life.

Just a thought :o

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