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Anxiety and depression confusion


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Hi guys and girls,

I need some advice please.

I am yet to see a proper pattern with my anxiety and depression. It started with just anxiety 14 months ago and then after a few months turned in to depression and then I had anxiety and depression. Now I've been on Lexapro for a couple of months the depression has lessened but the anxiety got worse (possibly to do with situation). Now I'm at a stage where the anxiety has lessened also and is at an even keel with the depression.

So I should be feeling better but I'm not. (I don't expect to feel 100% better of course). There is something niggling there in the background which feels quite strong and it's scary. The psychologist at the hospital said that I need to be very careful to catch it before it comes out very bad and then I end up for several weeks in hospital. That's why they are trying to get me to go now in to hospital for a few days. If the pattern follows the same way around this time also then the anxiety will put me in to a depression. But even though my anxiety hasn't been too bad, my depression feels stronger.

I'm just very confused and not even sure entirely what I am feeling. I'm on one hand feeling OK but on the other, am not. Thoughts of self-harming and ending my life.

Does both depression and anxiety both come in waves? I am not sure what to expect.

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They can both come in waves, but it generally all starts with how you are processiong what happens in your life. I totally turned my life around when I started using the TEA form thought countering exercise in the CBT book by Sam Obitz and Michelle Craske I highly recommend learning this exercise and spending 10-20 minutes a day doing them. Once you get the hang of doing them you will be surpised how quickly your anxiety begins to diminish.

Good luck and feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

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I'm sorry, Amy, that it's getting worse again and that you're confused :(. It's good that you're asking. However, as tmays "foreshadowed/suggested", you're focusing too much on one side of the problem - the symptomes. I don't know how much anybody could say about depression and anxiety both coming in waves etc., although there are many statistical data about the co-occurence of these two problems. Every human being is unique and I don't think that statistics could make you less confused about yourself :(.

You've been in therapy for one year, so...I imagine you should already have an idea about the reasons of your anxieties and depression - do you? And do you know what triggers your anxieties? What are you anxious about? Did you talk with your theraists how to overcome them, ...? Why it (what they told you) didn't work for you? ...

I'm sorry I can't tell you almost anything useful when I don't know much about you :o. That's why I'm asking so much.


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