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One of the most difficult things I think for people, is not only to step foot inside a therapist's office, but then to go on and trust the therapist. There are too many therapists that do not help, and can even harm. But there are some very very effective therapists out there. And it is worth the effort to find one of these.

I personally have been in both situations. I have had a therapist (of the worst kind)...abusive. And I have then been lucky to have found the most effective and helpful therapist (in the world,I think!).....

But it is hard to distinguish at first...who is the one who will harm, and who is the one who will help. Because at first, they both seem 'ok'. And it takes awhile to see the true nature of the therapist. But often times, by the time you find out the true nature of the therapist, you are already attached, and stuck.

So...go and look, but keep watchful, until you are certain the therapist can really be a 'therapist' and not just another individual who is using you for his/her own needs.

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I've now met with two different therapists neither of which I'll be returning to. I realize confidence and trust are qualities that occur after time spent together. The initial vibe though are important. I don't speak about a lot of things so, knowing I don't feel a connection with someone right off the bat I think is kind of helpful in not wasting either of our time. My parents gave me a list of several they think could be helpful for me to decide which one I might like to try next. I've looked into about half the list ruling out several without having to think really hard about it for various reasons. Maybe what I would like in a therapist doesn't exist or perhaps I'm not entirely sure to begin with. I have to admit this is a lot tougher than I thought it would be.

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