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Sorry everyone. There is no fault or blame in this situation that isn't mine. My debauchery and antics are misplaced in a forum such as this, and I will discontinue this behaviour.

People I care about were inadvertantly thrown into a no-win situation, that was intirely of my own making. I am very sorry to have caused hurt feelings. I'm sorry to have instigated so much negativity.

Im all for a clear, objective system to bannish people, so there may be a few less 'gray areas.' However, my guess is the real troubling "Gray area", is that of my sense of humour =/

I'll work on that too.

my bad.


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welcome back jaijai!! :D the past is the past and now we'll move on with a fresh start.

Just wanted to let you know I know exactly what you mean by the sense of humor thing. My natural sense of humor is very sarcastic and irreverent and can also be crude at times. It can work really well face to face but it doesn't translate to writing very well. :o (or in foreign countries but that's another story. just trust me on that one. :)) Anyway....just wanted to let you know you aren't the only one here that has to "filter" so to speak. :)

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