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Extreme Depression/Anxiety


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I am in a state of extreme anxiety and depression and just can't seem to get out of it. I am withdrawing from pristiq and starting wellbutrin and I don't know if this is from that or what? When I first started the Wellbutrin the firs week was really good, but has gone downhill from there. I even thought aboiut suicide this time. I have 2 teenagers and just can't do that. Help? Any suggestions to feeling better?

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Guest ASchwartz


not all medications are for everyone. perhaps welbutrin is not your thing. also, dosage is very important. I suggest you speak to your psychiatrist if you have not done so already.

are you feeling any better at this point?


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I think I'm actually starting to feel better today. Maybe the withdrawals from the Pristiq have warn off. At least I hope so. And the nicotine withdrawals are getting better alos. I stopped seeing my therapist because I couldn't afford to go anymore, so I don't have that outlet anymore, althouigh he still allows me to email him anytime I want. He sure is a nice person.

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