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Curious If This Is Considered A Sex Addiction

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My 3rd stepfather masturbated 15-20 times a day. He used anything slick for lubrication, mainly cooking oil. He had a "special" towel for wiping himself off afterwards. He had over 100 porno movies. When he could no longer obtain and maintain an erection he started taking Viagra even though he was shooting blanks. He would masturbate in the cooler of the Liquior store he managed.

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do you think it may be possible that your 3rd stepfather exagerated the facts a little?

i dont mean any offence.

Not a chance. I've seen his porno movie collection as I used to record and sell them at school. He purchased just about the entire stock of porno movies that Box Office Video had when they were going out of business. I had to enter his bedroom to get the telephone and had to watch for puddles of semen.

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