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My anger is back. I was making progress. I was at the point where I could raise my voice while alone in my car and curse bad drivers, just shy of yelling. Now it shifts back so I feel cold and empty, the anger builds but my face and tone become unchangeable.

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The rest of the post was deleted. Some of the statements were very disturbing and inappropriate.
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Hi Filum,

I know this is gonna be really really hypercritical of me, but killing yourself isnt the solution.

I can relate a little to be so angry that ya wanta scream at everything, and want it all to go away. And yep even I, given a chance would happily murder a few select people from my life (doubt I'd consider eating them though) but they are now dead (natural causes) so I know I'd never go that far. Doesnt stop me from still being really angry at 'em though :mad:

Can you think of anything that you find calming?, Maybe something small, so that when you get really wound up, ya can try and focus your mind on that - rather than what is upsetting you.

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I agree, the solution to the problem is to figure out why you are so angry. Is there a moment that you have suppressed in your mind that is fueling this anger? Many things can make you angry without you even realizing it. Is there certain times, certain types of people, certain places that make you angry? When you are in this state of anger and fury is there anything in particular or anyone in particular from your past that comes to your mind, even if just for an instant.

I know it must be hard to feel so angry. Out of all the emotions one could feel, anger actually makes me sick when I feel it. I would really suggest going to a specialized doctor and try to find the root of the problem. If you've never been to a therapist, don't be quick to rule them out. They are very helpful and it will take a while. I ruled out going to a therapist for almost ten years, and now my depression and anxiety is disabling. If I had just gone instead of thinking it would injure my pride, I might actually have a life now, but I was foolish.

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Guest ASchwartz


It's hard to feel angry because from the time we are small children we are told that we are "bad" if we are angry. Anger also makes many of us feel guilty and it also makes us fearful that we may do something harmful.

that's because it can make us feel out of control. It's a matter of taking that anger and using it in positive ways. It's also a matter of finding ways to calm ourselves.

Remember, there is no such thing as never feeling anger and our anger can be harnessed and used in positive ways.

Why has your anger returned and how do you calm yourself?


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