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question for mods.


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i noticed that pseudome has been banned. from what i read on the rules and what ive seen from previous posts no rules were broken. yes there has been a few less then acceptable posts from a few members involved with recent events. but i reread the rules and went through her posts and i didnt find anything that was really bad in my opinion. it says that i can ask this question so i am. what was the reason for the ban?

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You're certainly free to ask the question, and I'll make an attempt to give you an answer. I can't guarantee it'll be an answer that satisfies anyone, but that's how that goes.

This is a community, hosted by a company that provides web services to mental health professionals, which aims to give people a place to support each other with their problems. It's free, and membership is voluntary. As such, it's not technically a democracy. Someone has to run it.

All of our moderators are volunteers. They have to make the decisions, often very difficult ones, about what the community can handle in order to feel safe. Those decisions are not submitted to a vote of the membership, and often at least one person feels that they're wrong, the person the decision applies to.

You asked about a rule, after reading the FAQ yourself. I found several that might apply, but this one is the clearest:

"Members who receive repeated warnings from Moderators or Staff regarding their behavior, or who demonstrate their inability to let go of an attacking posture towards other Members may have their membership disabled on a temporary basis or, if the situation warrants it, revoked on a permanent basis."

I don't want to get into specific reasons, because to me, that just re-opens the wounds that we're trying to heal. Plus, it gives the impression that any decision would satisfy all viewers, and that doesn't happen in a real world. In particular, it is very unusual to post an announcement and/or justification of a ban, in part because of the embarrassment that such a post would generally cause to the person who got banned.

However, I would simply point out that we had a difficult situation, where one member had placed themselves in conflict with a large number of other members. In a situation like that, when no one wants to compromise, there may not be a "good" solution.

I have a concern that the continuation of this thread will be a series of justifications of people's actions and feelings toward or about 'pseudome'. As in, "I don't think what she did was so bad" or "What so-and-so did was worse", and I really don't think that such a discussion will do anything for our mission as a mental health support site. I did feel, however, that you deserved an answer.

Personally, I dislike banning people (other than spammers; those I enjoy.) To me, it means that something failed. But I can recognize that in a world full of humans, not everything can succeed. You're welcome to believe that we're not trying to do our best, if you need to, but belief won't make it true.

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i dont feel as though your not doin your job or anything like that. being a mod or admin is hard work. and i dont intend to get into a he said she said debate. the events of the past should stay in the past. that would be counterproductive. but one rule in particular that comes to mind is that no one person can decide to ban (other then spammers but they deserve it and i know its enjoyable sending spammers on there way. haveing mod experience of my own) im not so good with the whole quote thing but ill copy and past.

Substantial and permanent disciplinary action will never be decided upon by one individual Staff or Moderator. Instead, Staff and Moderators will discuss individual complains and take action when a consensus has been reached about what to do. If an incident is of severe enough nature, immediate action may have to be taken by a single Staff or Moderator such as temporarily suspending a Member's account until the group decision can be made. Such group decisions will be made as expediently as proves possible.

i have been told that a number of mods did not know that the ban took place. i cant conferm it at this time as the inbox of a mod or admin is generaly full. and i dont wish to be a burden. im in a strange mood at this time so im sorry if this message comes of as anything but respectful. so ya im just curious.

is the ban permanent? or a temporary dont do it again ban? another curiosity.

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