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How does 'New Posts' work?


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I'm wondering whether the 'New Posts' thing is configurable by the user. For instance, I might like to get everything since my last logon, or everything posted today, or other variations. (Also, I swear I'm not making it up, once I saw an option called 'Today's Posts', though I've been unable to find it again.) Could some of this be due to new software?

Just curious.

A fellow Mark, who chose this name instead to avoid confusion.

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"New Posts" will generally show everything since your last login except that if you are on for a while and hit it again and again it goes to "no new posts" if nothing has been updated while you were logged in. So, if you use "New Posts" and plan to reply to a few posts, it is best to click it once and then hit your back button after replying as it will go back to the list. But, that will not keep the list updated.

To view "Today's Posts" (which is all posts updated in the past 24 hours) click the arrow next to "Quick Links" for a drop down menu and "Today's Posts" is there. It will show you all posts for 24 hours but it separates them so you can still see what is new since your last login. HTH!

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Thanks, Proverbs. I also found that 'Today's Posts' seems to be on the menu if you're not logged in, which is how I saw it before. It switches to 'New Posts' when you log in.

Also, by the way, having just looked up the verse, it seems to me that waiting for others to rise up and bless you might take a while. :-)

Better to just bless yourself, in the mean time.

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