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I know I posted on my fear of death before and now I want to tell you why so that maybe you can help me with my frame of mind that causes me to stay up at night fearing of what death will be like.

What scares me about death is that, what if there is no God and I just go into a vortex of nothingness never to breath, think, talk, see, not even knowing what the color black looks like. What I fear more then Hell itself is being in absolute nothingness. Never to live again for all eternity.

Just talking about this makes me cry and feel depressed. The thought of never feeling again or even being able to be unconcious is something that keeps me up at night, it feels like literally being punched in the stomach when I think about it. One time I almost fell out of the shower because of this.

Believe it or not there is another thing about the same thing that scares me more. And if this is deppressing you know I don't want you to read the rest of this and ail you with my deep and disturbing thoughts, so if you're having trouble believing stop reading right now I beg you.

What scares me just as or more then nothingness is that I will go to heaven but someday God will just leave and then there won't be human life, there won't be after life. That is just so scary to think one day God will go and nothingness will come upon everything. Why this scares me so much is that how can even a perfect being stay happy through eternity. Maybe because of his perfection is how he could do it though would his being perfect make him happy with the things he loves more then anything imaginable throughout eternity.

I hope none of what I said deppressed you from my frame of mind to yours. If you have insight(Christian Preferably). I would appretiate it greatly.

With me it seems its just one problem to the next one...

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A wise person once said it is better to live as if there is a God and be wrong than live as there is no God and be wrong. I think the same can be said of death. Death is a finality, at least on earth. So, your concern is what will happen to your mind, thoughts and spirit once your body dies? Because IF there is no God, then all of that will fade upon death. My first reaction (and NOT in a mocking way) is "so what?"

If you're dead, and there is no God, you will never recognize it. If, as you say, you just become nothingness, you will not experience anything- you will simply cease to exist. However, IF there IS a God (and, of course I believe there is) then upon the death of your body, your greater life will begin. So, why live in fear of something that you cannot prevent (death is inevitable) AND why live in fear of the absence of something you will never miss?

I know that seems simplistic but it just kinda makes sense to me.

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I don't fear Death at all! It comes to us all one day, and the sooner the better for me!

If it is true, that there is a everlasting Paradise, then in reality we should be looking forward to death?

I think I would rather live in this everlasting paradise, than live here on this earth, where there is so much destruction, hatred, evil, and also where Satan rules! If I don't die before Armagedon comes, then I don't think that I've got much of a chance of going to this everlasting paradise? I've been to easily tempted into satan's way's?

I just live in hope, one way or another!

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I know a beautiful Lady right now ... lying on her death bed.. she cannot comunicate... but I am sure in her mind she is praying for GOD to take her HOME.... Is it real? Or has this lady lived her life in a delusion??? I do not know.. but , man the faith and joy she had when she talked to her GOD.... I hope to feel that way when it is my time....

I agree better to believe and it not be true than to not believe and then find out.... and IF there is a Heaven.... God is not going anywhere....


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I too share Paula's feelings, I think death would be a blessing right about now. I don't fear death at all, it will come sooner or later and for me the sooner the better, at least that's how I feel at this time.

You shouldn't fear death, you should embrase it and enjoy thinking that you will be in a better place when your time comes.

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Guest ASchwartz

Lostgirl and everyone else, including Paula

I am sorry but I must strongly disagree with the idea of "embracing death." Yes, life can become painful and we reach those times when we get so depressed that death "seems" like a relief. However, those times pass. Our time here is short and it it important that we embrace life because it is a special gift. The depths of depression in Bipolar Disorder pass and stability returns or there is a swtch into mania and then balance returns.

Also, each and every one of us is special and unique. Paula and everyone else, we need you because you are important to us. Yes, we all wish things could get peaceful when things are tough. Well, there is meditation, yoga, Church, prayer and many other ways to find inner peace. There is also exercise. Exercise relieves a lot of this and improves mood.

Please understand: I know what it is to feel pain and I understand that pain and depression can reach intolerable levels. I understand that, I feel for those of you who are in that condition at the moment and I fully empathize and more than that, I "get it." It's just that I know how important it is to hold onto life no matter what.

I look forward to your comments,


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I kinda of think that death is a part of life. We deal with it thoughout our lives and it is our ultimate fate. Either way, nothingness or everlasting life with God, it is out of our hands. Death will come to us all one day.

I think death is harder on the living. Our loved ones, who will feel sorrow at our end.

I choose not to fear death, because there is no point. What will be, will be.

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I agree with forpetesake: death is a part of life. If you believe in God, then death will be the beginning of your everlasting life with God, so keep the faith.

I believe in God, but everything Ob1one fears, is what I embrace. I feel Death is actually a release from all the bad in life. I embrace the darkness, the nothingness; it becomes a relief (and release). It's the bad things in life that keeps me awake. Not thinking is a good thing! If there is such thing as reincarnation, then I will beg God not to reincarnate me to experience life again. Ob1one, I hope you find your answers and resolve your fear of death.

Not to be flippant or anything, but...Happy Easter!

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I missed this thread when it was started... glad it is still here. I am not afraid of death . My father died two years ago, the man who abused us, so much that we were taken all away . I ended up taking care of the arrangements. It was difficult. My first time ever doing anything like this with little support. I was not very close to him, however it hit me hard. I was going inside my home one atfternoon, just as I was placing my key in the door I heard very clearly a loud but soft whisper of my name my hand shook so did the rest of my body, at the same exact time I turn around and low and behold a bunch of birds fly away out of the trees next to me... I'm thinking, gosh they heard it too! I knew instantly that this was my Biological father connecting with me, comforting trying to tell me that it's ok , I'm ok. After that experience I not without a doubt , the human spirit goes somewhere else after death... That's all I am aware of.

I am I will say agnostic! However, do not judge those who do believe one way or the other. I am not one to say I embrace death, however it is not to be feared. It is not scary . It is to me somewhat fascinating. I believe how Birth is beautiful I do believe death is too, and it should not be a day of mourning , a day to celebrate a life lived, and accomplished. Unless it was a tragic death . I know I am in the minority , however, that is just how I see things.

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