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I think inserting foreign objects underneath the skin of your penis is not a good idea. For one, it will disfigure your penis so that only a select few that approve of body modification will be prepared to deal with it. Second, you will probably lose some sensation and it wouldn't be worth it.

Also, you are more or less average, so there are millions of people in your position with normal relationships, so like you said, you need to find a girl that hasn't slept with 100's of men and experienced the entire spectrum of penis sizes.

I am 5.0 inches in length and 4.7 around, and I know that there are plenty of people with a similar endowment having sexual relations. My problem wouldn't really exist if it were not for the Internet and the media attention. It sucks that women can improve their self confidence with a basic surgical procedure while we can't really do anything about it. I do not think penis enlargement via exercise actually works. There is no cartilage or muscle in the penis, so how can non-expansive tissue increase in size through manipulation? I think whatever gains people are seeing are all in their heads. I personally haven't tried these exercises due to the lack of logic and scientific background behind them. I really feel that people are simply hallucinating gains. The thickness of the skin can increase without a doubt, but that is only temporary similar to hand calluses.

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I think the biggest reason not to insert foreign objects under (any part of) your skin is the enormous risk of infection. You do not want an antibiotic shot in your penis, and that seems like the best possible outcome ...

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Here's the scoop. If you have a working unit, then why risk damaging it by some voodoo treatment that might well leave you with an inoperative one?

First of all, your penis is designed for YOUR enjoyment, not for the enjoyment of others. There's plenty of women who are knowledgable enough about their bodies to be able to get off on whatever is offered to them.

If the first one you try doesn't like the goods, move on to a different one.:cool:

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