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The Garden of Pain....written by me


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The Garden Of Pain

Just outside your back door

Exists The garden of pain.

Twisting thorns and weeds galore

Where a rose tries to flourish in vain.

Stunted by the darkened gloom

That blocks all source of hope.

The rose finds herself struggling to bloom

In this place where it's difficult to cope.

Before she opens to reveal

Her beaufiful scarlet face.

Her velvet petals start to peal

Frozen in their place.

Determined to thrive amoung the pain

She tries with all her might.

With nothing to lose everything to gain

She see's a light in sight.

She stretches high bypassing the gloom

Her petals taking form.

Her petaled face being torn thorn by thorn

As the weeds start to swarm.

Weaving through the twisted mess

To finally reach that place.

She looks at the dangers a little less

Determined to reveal her face.

Finally, alas, she breaks through it all

Thriving in the sun.

Above the thorns and rampant weeds she is standing tall

Far from where she begun.

Though her petals are with damaged ends

And her stem slightly off set.

In the sunlight she slowly mends

From the dangers she had met.

You'll look outside and see this rose

Tattered from a fight.

Amoung the mess, she's been stowed

Where she has to fight with all her might.

Don't let her defects take away

From the beauty that she holds.

It's not her fault she was planted this way,

Where she faces her daily scolds.

Underneath the tattered petals and scars

Is a forgotten and loving soul.

Bringing beauty from afar

To that shadowed place where thorns control.

Judge not by the wounds she bears

Or the surroundings with which she's stuck.

Because through this mess, she has faired

Waiting to be plucked.

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