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So, I am supposed to start a class today and I will muddle through but I need to get some stuff off my chest first.

He couldn't even wait until today to start on me. Hell, he couldn't even wait until I was awake. 1 in the morning my son woke up with a little tummy trouble after a weekend of tummy troubles and going to the doc yesterday. HE says your momma doesn't know how to talk to the doctor, I don't know what she told them but you are not well! Don't worry baby daddy will take care of you.


All the while the boy is telling him the he is fine. Why does HE wants the kid to think he is sick? Some kind of hypochondria by proxy maybe? And in the meantime this is not the first time he has been heard preaching to my son in the night about how great HE is or how rotten I am or both.

Class or no class, I will have to muddle somewhere else. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!

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IrmaJean you are so wonderful. Thank you for acknowledging my rant. I will be fine. My son is becoming confused by his own signals from listening to his father but I am always here to balance what he feels and knows to be true inside. He knows that his father has issues but I think he is seeking approval more and more which puts him at risk for further confusion. I wonder if I should not get him a professional to talk to. What do you think?

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