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Unmedicated bipolar


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I'm on the verge of being an unmedicated bipolar. I have less than fifteen days on my xyprexa and I don't know how much on my topamax I have left... I have no medical insurance - it ran out in February and I've pretty much been running on luck since then (with my meds slowing running out). I was wondering if there were any options out there left for me (example: herbals?) because even on xyprexa and topamax I'm cycling like crazy and I really don't want to hit a major low (or high)? I applied for disability but haven't heard anything back on it...

It's the usual worries: I want to have control over my impulses, I don't want to become suicidal/homicidal, I want to be able to concentrate, I want to be comfortable to be around (for the most part), I don't want to have two-hour long crying spells, etc...

Any suggestions?

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I agree with finding, genesis. So sorry you’re having a bad time.

There are people and places in our society who can help, but I don’t know of a general clearing house. Seems like there should be, somewhere or somehow. Like finding said, perhaps your doctor’s office is a place to start. If not there, then perhaps your local county mental health service. Or maybe the office where you applied for disability. Maybe NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Health) or DBSA (Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance). They are national organizations with websites and also have local chapters in some areas.

I haven’t had this struggle myself but I know some folks who have. I know that it can get discouraging at times but don’t stop until you find a way to get what you need to keep yourself healthy!!

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