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Yep, I really need some and from what I see here there is no introduction thread for people to be properly greeted to the site. IMHO that is bad. Most sites have this at the top of the community page of threads!

Ok, I also need support and have not heard one word from any admin or moderator since I joined yesterday. I know that isn't a long time but, that is what those in charge are supposed to do, ya know? :/

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Solara,

Welcome to our site. Well, we try to greet people as soon as they join but it's not always possible. Also, we try to respond to postings as quickly as possible but that is not always possible. Please know that we try and that we care, very much so. By the way, we have many moderators besides the administrators and they are doing a great job.

Anyway, welcome aboard and please tell us more about yourself.


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Hello Solara, welcome to the forums. I did respond to one of your posts but I don't know if you saw it or not. I sense that you are feeling ignored, somewhat how I feel sometimes. I get kinda sensitive about that sometimes. But rather than checking my threads to see if I have any responses, I go directly to "New Posts" or "Quick Links"/"Today's Posts" at the top of this community so that I can see what is being posted.

I'm glad you found us. :(

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Welcome Solara,

Sorry support was slow to reach you. It's not always this way. I have found this community very supportive and friendly towards me. I guess I like the site because it resembles a real community. People are at all different places in at different emotional states and it seems somewhat real. I also feel like I don't have to respond when I am not up to it, no pressure, just to be able to give back to the community what I can at that specific time. So in return I am also understanding of people. Stick with it I am sure this community will grow on you. Then again I have only visited one other site similar and it was just to big and scary.

I do hope you are feeling a little more supported today.


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I agree with the others. Every one here does their best to reach out to one another. Even if replies are not as quick as we'd sometimes like, when they do come, they are always helpful, supportive and insightful. I am sorry you felt slighted but I truly do not believe it was anything intentional. I look forward to getting to know you better.

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Welcome Solara ,

You will find that this is a much more slower , laid back group then others. I like it that way personally. PLease do not feel offended if their are not quick responses. I think it is a smaller group too, and it takes a little more time to recieve replies.

I hope you find it benifical here, and can find it supportive.

Cathy :D

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