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my life is crashing


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i'm told to post if i'm in immediate crisis and in need of immediate peer support. i get to this page and i'm told that it has to be approved and i have to have 1 more approved posts. how immediate is immediate? if i were telling you that i want to OD, right now, what other post is required for me to get some support? i have no money to buy gas or cat food, i have no phone because my minutes have been used up, i can't talk to my Therapist because of the no phone and no gas issue. i'm completely isolated here and i don't know what to do other than to go to the hospital. the issue there is that i was there 3 nights ago, 2 nights ago and both times, they deemed me safe to go home. i know people can't read between lines but when there are no beds available and my options are to go home and suffer in my own bed or sit in an er chair until a bed opens up, i'm going to choose to go home and suffer. but, now, i don't know if that's goin to work. what is working is the excess ativan i'm taking that was placed in a bottle of gatorade. 30mg ativan in 20 oz gatorade. it was going to be used all at once but now, i'm taking 2 swigs of it a night and i know that the amount is way more than the prescribed 2mg/night. i don't know what it's concentration is but, 30 minutes ago i took 2 swigs and now i can't keep my eyes open. oh well. so much for peer support

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Hello, Mills, I'm so sorry nobody replied to you when you needed it :( . I hope you're at least a bit better now... Maybe you've found another site like this which was faster in welcoming you and offering support :unsure: ...

But it would be nice if you came here again to see that we also want to welcome you and 'talk' with you... The problem with no answers was related to a somewhat stressful 'event' - the admins of this site had to organize a shift from an old web-hosting site to another-one and it included many problems. I'm sorry that it also had such sad consequences - that you felt ovelooked... :(

And Zoomed is right: All that think is just because there are too many spammers all the time :(. They post quite terrible things quite often, so it's really good that the posts have to be "approved" first...

How are you now? Having no money is very distressful :( ... I'm sorry I don't know what to say more now, I mainly want to know how you are and if you're willing to communicate here...

Take care! Good luck!

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