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At what moment person should consider to go to hospital?

And what does it mean?

Sometimes i feel so confused that i dont know what to do. i dont want to clime to my husband all the time either, dont want to make him feel like its his duty to take care of me forever. im not a kid but hes wife.

And i haven't been able to make a call to doctor to make an appointment for over a week now. i don't know why i cant.

I wish i could go to hospital and get help directly. but im very confused about this thing. presently.. i have a diagnosis but still i feel that this question is not clear caz the case seems to be complicated. i dont know what i need to get better, its not clear, not totally solved. there is left a lot. feels like i need some extra attention, like day in day out.

Can somebody tell me more about hospital things, honestly i know nothing how it is, for whom its supposed to be. I mean i know nothing.

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From what I have read on this website, it seems like hospitalization is different here in the US from what I have heard about the UK. So maybe every country is different. But here’s link from the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance based in the US which might be helpful:


How did your visit with your family go? Were you able to feel some support from them by the end of the visit? Or do you still have some stress about that?

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Thanx DD!

I met my family, we had a lot of time to talk and to make things clear. I feel pretty satisfied about the time and my relationship with my parents is not an issue no more.

I made them to understand a lot and i learned much about them and whole situation too. So it's good :)

I thought to ask my doctor about this, if there is possibility and if i should.. But first i got to make the telephone call. It's a bit funny that still i can't do that, but "tomorrow". lol

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It sounds like you’re making good progress, taking care of things with your family and yourself. :)

I can maybe understand your hesitation about talking to your doctor. I was admitted to an intensive outpatient program (4 hours a day, 5 days a week, for a month) at a psychiatric hospital here several years ago. It took me several days to decide to go for an intake interview, which is the way they do things here. I needed to be sure that’s what I wanted to do myself, if the intake counselor decided it was justified medically, which she did.

Best of luck, whatever you and your doctor decide! :)

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