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I was told I could discuss my problems here and maybe revieve feedback.


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Hello, I am only 14 and don't feel comfortable sharing my real name on here. But I was told by someone on a different site that this was a good place to discuss my anxiety problems.

I'll just get straight to the point. I feel very guilty about complaining about my anxiety problems. I do not believe I have an anxiety disorder. I am not entirely afraid to leave my house, I am usually still able to talk to people when they approach me, and I do not suffer from panic attacks (except for one time, when I was unable to speak and i felt absolutely terrified about what was happening).

But whenever I go out somewhere, or have to meet people, or have to purchase things by myself, or have to get in front of people and be expected to do something, I have horrible anxiety attacks.

Especially in school. I have trouble sleeping during the school year, because I know when I wake up I will have to face another day being forced to interact with people. Last year, I had horrid, heart stopping attacks usually five minutes before each period would end, because I'd have to go through the hallways and possibly have to talk to someone and my friends make fun of me for walking very quickly to my classes, but they don't know why I am nearly sprinting between periods.

If I have to get my sister at the bus stop, and there is someone I do not know there, or somoene I vaguely know, I stand on the other side of the street.

I have a few nervous habits, sch as crossing my arms or playing with my hands. I have to wear a bracelet whenever I go anywhere, so I don't pull at my clothing and stretch it.

Just the other day I had a terrible anxiety attack that made me cry for a few minutes because my friend was coming to pick me up so we could hang out somewhere. It was especially bad, because during the summer I usually stay at home, like most teenagers, and therefor have not suffered from many attacks, due to not having to interact with people, so have not had any real bad anxiety attacks in a while.

I feel like I am another hormonal teenage girl complaining about something everyone has to go through, and I make myself sick.

This is an incredibly selfish thought, but sometimes I wish I had an actual disorder, so I had the right to compain.

I know all of this is probably normal, but...

I don't know.

To top it all off, I am extremely insecure, and hate when people look at me, but feel like everyone is always looking at me and judging me.

I have tried different variats of St. John's Wort, I believe it is called, but it usually stops working after a few weeks.

I used to cut to relieve anxiety, but I am well past that now and have overcome the addiction.

Can someone please explain to me if what is happening to me is normal?

I have been to a psychologist, but it did not help my anxiety issues. I don't talk to my parents about it. They care, but do not understand why I hate having to order movie tickets by myself, or shopping for clothing. It is very difficult to explain to my mother why I have anxiety attacks when we are driving places. It's hard for me to tell her that I'm scared to get out of the car and go into the store, or go into the park.

I feel like it consumes my life sometimes. School is starting soon, and I am so scared. I know I will shortly be in constant anxiety again, like last year.

I also worry about things a lot, such as dying and the future. Normal stuff, though.

I apoligize for any words spelled wrong, my spell checker doesn't work in this. : )

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Hi babbs. :-)

From what I understand, most people don't get full-blown panic attacks, at least not often. I've had them, at times, and I've known people who had them worse.

As for whether it's a "disorder" or not, well, we're not equipped to tell you, and maybe precision isn't important in something like this.

Does it bother you? {Sounds like, yes.} Then it's worth doing something about.

What was the psychologist like, that you talked to before? Maybe it's worth talking to someone, some other counselor, who helps you more? {Sorry, didn't mean to rhyme those two sentences ...}

Trust me: being a teenager is hard enough. Take all the help you can get. :-)

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Welcome to our community, babblingstorm. :)

My 16 year old daughter struggles in a very similar way and I did as well at your age. I understand that it can be so very hard. I'm sorry for your stress and anxiety. :(

It must be very difficult not feeling understood and not being able to discuss this with your parents. Do you have any friends at school or anyone to confide your concerns to? Maybe the school counselor might be helpful to you? It's good that you are expressing your feelings. Your needs are important and talking about this is one positive way to begin taking care of yourself.

One thing to think about is that all of us are human and we all have insecurities and worries. Adults, including teachers, do too. The people around you are likely not focused on you or judging you. They are likely focused on their own concerns. I hope you can embrace the person that you are. I also hope you can connect with the energy inside you when you are around others. It's okay to let yourself shine.

My daughter sometimes carries objects with her that help her feel grounded. Is there anything that helps bring feelings of comfort for you during these times of stress?

Take gentle care of you, babbling, and feel free to continue expressing yourself here.

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Definitely, you're welcome to write about your problems. Sometimes I find that putting them down is helpful in itself. Seems to give me some perspective on them.

I'm now 73, but long ago I was shy at parties and found it difficult to approach a stranger and begin a conversation. A counselor said something which i found helpful. "Just imagine that the person you're about to approach is shyer than you are." Often that advice has helped me to focus on the other person and be interested in them, forgetting for the moment my own anxieties.

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