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what should i do bout my meds??


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hi.. im new to this site n i was just looking for bit of morale support really.. ive just been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder... we all knew that somthing was wrong for years, but just couldnt find no one to help sort it out.

i was given medication (mood stabalizers, anitdepressents) and was given appointments for some thearpy.. but i had a funny turn n turned on the thearpist.. then i got kicked out of anger manegment for bieng too angry.. i was given medication but with work and collage the meds made me so sleepy i couldnt get up in the morning...it was so hard and i didnt know what to do.. so i took myself off my meds so i could earn myself a living.. and start myself a carrer... now my moods are getting worse and worse and wen im on a good one after about 3-4-5 hours depending i crash and i fall asleep... its awful and very embarassing.. my new partner suffers. i try so hard to not have these mood swings around him but he always gets it in the neck i dont mean to n i feel awful.. im lucky i suppose that hes so understanding it just feels my condition is ruling my life and i dont know what to do.. anybody else know of ways to stop this..? im desperate and very sad that my life has turned out the way it has... help??

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Welcome to the community, Lisha. :)

I'm sorry for your struggles. :( Strong emotional responses can happen at times in therapy. Are you still seeing the therapist? Therapy can be helpful if you find someone who you are able to work with.

As I understand it, finding the best medication and dosage involves some trial and error. It may take some time to find out what works best for you. Are you still seeing a psychiatrist who prescribes medications? I would recommend communicating with him/her about the difficulties you've been having, and hopefully there can be some adjustment made that might reduce the side effects.

You mention feeling that your condition is ruling your life. That may be a sign that you need help with this. It's true that it isn't always easy to find the right therapist or the best medication, but I hope you will continue to try. You deserve to be happy in your life. Things can change for the better. We are here to support you, Lisha. I wish you well.

Take care.

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no im not... i just feel that mabe i could try and be normal without havin to see a therapist.. acctually i find them quite imtimidating. i asked the doctor to change my meds and they said its this or nothing and now its getting worse im really struggling to controll myself and im even havin outbursts at work!!! i dont feel im in the right place to see a doc... i know it dosent make sense but im all over the place and dont know if im on my head or my ass atm i jus want to be normal....

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It took me a long time and several different types of meds to find the right combination. If they aren't willing to try something else I would go to a different provider. There are so many different meds out there it doesn't make sense that they would say it's this one combination or nothing. There are mood stabilizers out there that are less sedating and it sounds like you are on one that is too sedating for you.

I hear that you want to try and do this on your own but it also sounds like doing that hasn't worked for you so far. Given your situation it makes sense to see a new doctor sooner rather than later to see what can be done about your meds, and also work with a therapist to find out what you can do behaviorally to manage your symptoms. Meds are not always the answer for everyone, but if you are having a hard time getting started in therapy, meds can help get you to a state where the therapy can begin to help. This is just based on my own experience, everyone's own experience will vary so keep in mind I'm not a professional when I say these things, I am just a patient who went through the medi-go-round for quite a long time time to get on the right meds.

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