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Just wanted to say hello. I have Borderline Personality Disorder (ugh), Major Depressive Disorder (ugh), and Post Traumatic Disorder (ugh). I have been in therapy for over five years and was just terminated from therapy in August. The therapeutical relationship had been "going sour" since about May. I struggle daily with issues it seems, and the termination was very traumatic. I am now with a new therapist who specialized in DID and trauma. We have had three sessions so far, and I like him and think that he will be able to help me. I think my main disorder is life and maintaining/understanding relationships.

I'm usually pretty good at computer stuff, but I am having difficult figuring out how to change my picture. Any suggestions would be appreciated:)

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Welcome to our community, Tsunami. :)

I'm sorry for your struggles. It's good that you have found a therapist who you feel can help you. I wish you well.

About changing your photo, in the upper right hand corner of the page, you will see your screen name. Click on the arrow next to your name, and then 'my settings.' I believe 'change my photo' is one of the first options. Please let us know if you need more assistance with this.

We look for ward to getting to know you better. Take care.

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Let us know if the photo thing is still a problem. I think it's somewhat particular about size ...

Too, just to counter possible misunderstandings: even though it says "IPS Community" in big letters up there, IPS (Invision Power Services) is only our web host, from whom we rent server space and billboard software. We (IrmaJean and I; well, and the members who write it all) are solely responsible for the content of the billboard itself, which we call "Mental Support Community". However, because we're hosting this "on the cheap", IPS still gets to show its brand on our pages.

I just want people to be aware that they're no longer dealing with a commercial entity, which is why there are no advertisements (well, other than that one.)

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