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i have a big problem


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hi i stumbled upon this forum and wanted some advice as doctors arent much good.

i suffer from insomnia i am registered as one but my doctor says only in cases where i need it i will get medication and i agree. i used only not sleep before now i have spells where i close my eyes from lack of sleep and have very realistic scenarios appear like talking to people ect and when i get out of it im very confused they seem to only last maybe 10-20 seconds im not too sure. i have never been too sane to say the least im a very confused person both mentally and sexually. i have very paranoid spells from lack of sleep and voices saying things to me (not to kill someone but just very paranoid things) unrealistic to say the least.

I am bi-sexual and have had every fetish uder the sun in my mind at one time or another and have had them fulfilled. This filled the gap for awhile but was not enough i have been a crossdresser as long as i can remember and love it.

am i just mentally and sexually messed up is there some diagnosis for this sort of thing ? Should i see a psychologist ?

i have seen a councellor but that did nothing for me.

all advice appriciated

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I am not qualified to give any professional help on all those issues, but I noticed no one replied to you, and I did want to say that the lack of sleep alone can give a person psychotic-like experiences. When I had to work 3rd shift (and I'm not a night person), I would sometimes slip into the hypnogogic state (sort of asleep while still awake) and have little mini hallucinations (however that is spelled) and those were only due to sleep deprivation.

I hope you find help and rest soon!

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I have to agree with FMW- lack of sleep can definitely cause psychosis and hallucinations. I, too, suffer from insomnia and, during one particularly troublesome spell, had not slept - not even a wink- for 7 days straight. One night, while lying in bed trying again to sleep, I began to hear very distinct voices in my wall. I also began seeing things that I knew could not really be there. Nothing specific- shapes and colors mostly, which had voices- but I knew they could not be real. I called my psychiatrist the next day terrified. He said the hallucinations (auditory and visual) were a result of sleep-deprived psychosis. He also said that the fact I was scared by the experience was a GOOD sign. He said it is the people who do not recognize the lack of reality that concerned him.

From that, I would encourage you that you are not beyond help and that, perhaps, you should revisit psychiatric help. I know yo said the previous experience was unhelpful but finding a doctor or therapist with whom you fit can sometimes take time. I went through several doctors and therapists before finding the ones I connected with.

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Sleep deprivation all causes the release of adrenaline (fight or flight), this also leads to extreme anxiety which can cause obsessive tendencies in order to reduce the anxiety, like the release of sexual energies. A sleep-deprived brain is not rational. I have had good results with a supplement you can get at local department store--Melatonin, this is taken in fairly high doses in Europe, ask your pharmacist for info. or look it up on-line. I also recommend having a bedtime ritual, I begin a few hours before bed by turning lights down, radio, or t.v's also. Dress for bed, bathe, etc. It also helps to write a list of worries or concerns (or to do's) to get them out of your mind....... Just some ideas....

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi IamLove and all,

Melatonin is well known and is even recommended for use when going on long distance flights with big time zone changes. However, it is important to remember that all drugs have side effects and should be used with caution. I want to suggest that anyone who wishes to use melatonin for sleep consult with their physician first just to make sure its OK for them. Melatonin is produced by the tiny pineal gland deep in the brain. At one time some concern was expressed that over-use of this medicine could impact the pineal gland. Anyway, I am NOT a physician and that is why I urge everyone (me included) to check in with your physician.

Yes, it is correct that sleep is enormously important and that sleep deprivation leads to all types of physical and emotional symptoms. That is why developing a healthy sleep routine and sleep hygiene is so important.


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