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New guy just joined from Australia.Ocd Sufferer.


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Hi everyone.I'm the new guy here.

I'm from Australia,I have ocd and chronic fatigue syndrome.I've had ocd since late 2006 and cfs since early 2000.What a mess.

I am being treated for ocd/cfs and to improve my overall health by non medical practitioners.I'm making progress regularly so my life is so much better than it has been.

The ocd is weird for me.There are very few rituals now.Most of them have gone especially in the last 6 months of my progress.The worst part of the ocd is that it wont allow me to do things.Think of it as a computer virus that takes over your computer.I'll explain how it affects me in the appropriate section of this forum after.

Just wanted to say g'day.

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Hello, Dnev12, welcome :)

It's great to hear about your progress!! I believe you'll bring new hope to other people by your story. And I also hope communicating here with us will be beneficial for you.

I've recently read an article about a kind of sleep disorder. I suppose that CFS is different, but... maybe it will be interesting for you, or somebody else here, to read it. New discoveries come "every day"... :)

Here it is:


Take care!

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Cfs is chronic fatigue syndrome.I just get puffed out if I try to do to much at once.Today I put the bins out.As I had a massive clean up in my home getting rid of recyclables and rubbish I put 4 bins out.By the time I came back inside I was exhausted.

It would be nice to help others from my experiences.If I can make progress there isnt any reson why others here wont benefit from my story.

In regards to my story I will post that after I reply to you.

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